About The Collection

I created lippy lotus yoga for my lipedema sisters who are searching for “the what” to incorporate into their lives that will encourage lymph health, muscle strength, and a BIG dose of self love. In this collection, you'll find meditations to guide you on your self love journey, tutorials to help you cultivate your own unique breath-work and yoga practice, and carefully curated flows to integrate in your fitness routine. It is my hope that the lippy lotus collection brings you to a place where you can take care of your body, move your body, and most importantly love and accept your body.

About Me

My name is Heather Maurer, and I am the founder of Lippy Lotus Yoga! I first developed symptoms of lipedema when I was 12 years old, but before I discovered what it was that was causing my abnormal fat distribution, pain, and swelling, I tried everything in the book to help me "lose weight." It wasn't until I found yoga that I finally stopped punishing myself with exercise and instead found peace and empowerment in movement. I learned to work WITH my legs, and not against them, and even began to cultivate a positive relationship with myself. Yoga has had such an impact on me and my lipedema, it has become my life's calling to share with my lippy sisters.


In this section you'll find two tutorials. The first is a posture and modifications tutorial. I consider this one of the most valuable pieces of the collection because it is here where you will learn the full expression of the popular poses, but also modifications you can take, props you can use to assist, and cautions to take where hypermobility is concerned.

The second is a step-by-step guide to lymphatic breathing, where you'll discover how something as simple as your breath can have a profound impact on your lymphatic flow and health

Yoga Flows

This is the heart of the collection. The asana flows curated here include a morning & evening flow, a chair practice, a full body strength & lower body strength flow, and a 60-minute vinyasa practice created around the theme of taking up space.

You get to decide exactly how and when to incorporate the flows into your life. Because each video has a different intention and time duration, you’ll find it simple to create a routine you enjoy, but also the flexibility to switch things up whenever necessary.


This collection is about more than just the physical practice of yoga poses. In this section, you'll find two guided meditations to assist you in calming the mind and healing the soul.

The first is a self-love meditation where we use a mantra to accept love and release judgement.

The second is what I have called your personal intention meditation, where your personal goals and feelings will color the mediation and create a mantra unique to you.

The Lippy Lotus Curriculum

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